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Last updated: March 24, 2014

Gradients beyond imagination...

July 1, 2019

New site, new gradient tool!

I am upgrading thewebkid.com. I have been busy on NPM creating packages and building rainbows. I will be retiring this existing site to the new one soon. Let me know what you think or if you have a suggestion or bug.





Dice with grandma!

August 4, 2017

I have wanted to horse around with WebGL and also pick up the hot new framework (vue / vuex) everyone is talking about. So I decided to make everyone's favorite old game to play with your relatives. I haven't had time to write a multiplayer mode or get it working in browsers besides chrome, but the exercise has been fun and the game might hook you for 30 minutes...

Also, vue is a really wonderful framework. Check out vue-loader and never deal with all the crazy in angular, react, etc. again. Vue is the community choice for a reason :)

Thanks to tealyatina for the dice rolling engine I hacked to bits :)

WorldWide Telescope on your web site!

March 24, 2014

Embed the entire known universe on your blog! I am back on the WorldWide Telescope project as of fall 2013 and have been revamping the site and creating fun things like embeddable controls.

Here, try it!

    <div id="wwtControl"></div>
    <script src="http://worldwidetelescope.org/embedded-webcontrol.js"></script>

Embed your own!

WWT Configurations:

Check out the full WWT web client (authored by myself and Jonathan Fay) if you want play with the cosmos!

A Tweenie Update

Feb 19, 2013

I finally merged my two tween objects. I had created a tweener that would tween dimensions, position, and color, but then I also made a gradient animator to go along with my gradient editor. Now I have them both working simultaneously. I also finally added IE10 support to the gradients and was a wee bit surprised at IE's performance in the realm of gradient tweens.

Browser Avg. FPS

Internet Explorer v10     272
Firefox v18 228
Chrome v24 222

I made a couple of 7-color gradients and animated the exact same gradients on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. So who won out?...

Brace yourself.

Internet Explorer! And CHROME was the SLOWEST!

I have a pretty beefy machine here at home running Windows 8, but you can see what my average framerates looked like.

I left the console.log calls in so you can see for yourself. IE looks amazing honestly.

I have also added some other extra properties you can tween - rotation (transform), border (color and width), and border-radius. A jquery plugin + documentation are coming...