Who is the web kid?

April 22, 2012

  (I don't tweet)

thewebkid.com is a sandbox that I use to post sharable components, personal web development projects, experiments, my resume, and other miscellaneous content. I have been a professional web developer, software engineer, and designer since 1998 and have owned this domain since 1999. Primarily this web site is about my career as a web developer.

My career overview
Over the years, I have been involved in a wide spectrum of projects. I have been on 3 data visualization teams (to me, everything is data visualization actually). I have had roles where my sole responsibility is to design and help scope the project high-level vision. I have written an Excel plugin. I helped start Escapia.com as a partial founder. I have been a technical writer/editor. I have had program management responsibilities. I have created databases/stored procedures. I have written an android application. I have written elaborate business layers. But primarily, I am a web development engineer with an emphasis on javascript. I really got my feet wet in web development on an interaction design team at Microsoft where I learned early on that everything is about really knowing the user.

I love reading the various javascript blogs/debates and trying to keep up with as many frameworks as I can. I am 100% geek and I fully and passionately embrace it :)